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    Transdanube Map Tool Documentation


    The Transdanube Interactive Map Tool is internet mapping application which provides information on tourism attractions and sustainable means of transport (how to get there and around). It is an easy-to-use geographic information system (gis) and provides an intuitive access to information.


    The map navigation is very intuitive and known from other map applications like google maps. The main navigation features are:


    To pan the map there are different possibilities:
    • Navigation control at the upper right of the map area
    • Pan the red rectangle in the overview map
    • Press and hold the left mouse button to pan the map


    To zoom in and out of the map there are different possibilities:
    • Zoom control at the upper right of the map area
    • The mousewheel can be used to zoom in and out
    • Double clicking into the map leads to higher zoom levels
    • Making a zoombox enables zooming directly to a given extent, by drawing a box on the map. The box is drawn by holding down shift, while dragging the mouse.


    The different themes for the basemap, mobility tourism and routes are arranged on the left side of the map and can be accessed through an accordion. The Map Layer (=basemap) consists of four different maps: OpenStreetMap, Google Satellite, Google Physical, Google Street Map and Google Hybrid Map. There are three more section with mobility themes, the touristic information layers and the layers with touristic routes.

    Information on Points of Interest (POI)

    By clicking on the lower part of the icon more information about the POI can be retrieved. The following information - if available - will be provided:

    • Name
    • Adress
    • Phone, Weblink
    • Description
    • Image

    Search Wikipedia nearby

    You can search Wikipedia articles in different languages (bg, de, en, hu, hr, ro, sl and uk) on any points listed from wikipedia nearby the current Point of Interest. maps.transdanube will make a spatial query on wikipedia and presents a linklist of the results. Additional mobility information to this place will be offered:

    • Distance to the next public transportion.
    • Route information - how to get there. Just type in your starting point and press the “Get Route Information”-button and the connections to this POI will be listed.

    Rating Points of Interest

    maps.transdanube.eu offers you the possibility to rate the Points of Interest: there are four categories top, average, not so good and not available


    To print your map, just activate the Print-Tab and a frame is indicating the printable area. With the mouse you can move the frame to your desired area. The Print Tab let you choose the scale, resolution and orientation. You can enter a title and comment for your map. Press "Print as pdf" to generate your map.

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